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Maverick Flexible specialises in up to 8 colour reverse printed Pet Poly lamination, ideally suited for the FFS (form, fill and seal) market.

In our UNIQUE thermal lamination process NO SOLVENTS or CHEMICALS are used therefore NO migration of solvents and chemicals into the food product being packaged.

Ideal applications are:
PET FOODS, SOUPS, SAUCES, DRY GOODS, LIQUID PACKAGING or any application where direct food contact is required and the chance of product contamination is just too risky!

New generation packaging for a Safer, Cleaner, Greener lifestyle!

  • Thermal Lamination process -
  • No Adhesives or Chemicals used -
  • No Taint, No Retained Solvents -
  • High Barrier to Oxygen -
  • No Flex Crack -
  • - 8 Colour Flexo Printing
  • - Specialise in CMYK Technology
  • - Thermal Resistant Ink System
  • - Surface or reverse print
  • Precise tolerances -
  • 4 part gravometric dosing -
  • 1350mm wide -
  • 20 - 200 Microns -
  • - Precise tention controle
  • - 60mm - 1600mm
  • - High speed
  • Flat and Stand up Pouches -
  • "Qyad" (Side Gusset Bags) -
  • Specialised Pouches -


  • - Gelbo Flexcrack Testing
  • - Mocon Oxygen Permation Testing
  • - Coeficient of friction testing (Static & Dynamic)
  • - Interply bond testing
  • - Tenstile testing
  • Annual FDA Audit & Certification -
  • BRC Active Implementation -
  • BEE Status -

Maverick Flexible was established in South Africa in 2005 and is currently supplying the market with blown film and high barrier laminations that complement most forms of liquid packaging today.

It became evident that with every bag machine sold into the market, there was an interest in supplying the raw materials too.

Our on-site facilities include Film Blowing, Extrusion Lamination, 8 Colour CI Flexo Printing and Slitting, with our products and specifications driven and guided by a world-class laboratory facility, which boasts the following capabilities:

• Oxygen transmission testing (Mocon OX-TRAN)

• Interply bond testing (LLOYD Tensile tester)

• Flex durability Testing (Gelbo)

• Coefficient of friction testing (static and dynamic) (PARAM MXD - 02)

Maverick is continually searching for improvements to existing products;
focusing mainly on performance, environmental challenges and cost.

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